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The Cougar+ Ash Vacuum, Red, Made in the USA Information:

The fire keeps you warm, but if cleaning up the ashes leaves you cold, the Cougar Ash Vacuum is just the thing. The Cougar is made by the Love-Less Ash Company right here in the USA. It features a patented dual filtration system that captures the smallest of ash particles found in wood stoves, pellet stoves, fireplaces, corn stoves, barbecues and pizza ovens. Designed to remove fine ash, this vacuum is capable of removing cool to warm fine ash, not hot ash or coals. Attempting to suck up large pieces of ash or coal will result in a clogged hose or damaging the unit. Simply use the metal nozzle to break down any larger pieces of ash before vacuuming them up. The filters and hose are flame resistant, so don’t fret if you suck up a hot ember or two. An external agitator rod allows the user to clean the filters without opening the unit. The Cougar has a thicker motor housing than its predecessor, the Cheetah II Ash Vacuum, making it quieter during use. It has a 3 gallon capacity. Included with this ash vacuum is (1) outer filter, (1) inner filter, (1) 5′ 1M50 metal flex hose, and (1) metal nozzle.The Dustless Technologies MU405 Cougar Ash Vacuum lets you clean your fireplace, wood stove, or barbecue without making a dusty mess. Designed to remove warm-to-cold ashes, the Cougar is fire resistant and features a unique double filtration system that traps even the smallest dust particles.

The Dustless MU405 Cougar Ash Vacuum
At a Glance:

  • Vacuums ash without creating a mess
  • Use with stoves, fireplaces, or BBQs
  • Clean filters without removing the lid
  • Quiet and dust-free operation
  • Flame resistant for safe removal of warm ash

Double filtration captures sub-micron particles for thorough cleaning.
See it in action.

Double filtration captures sub-micron particles for thorough cleaning. View larger.

Flame Resistant for Safety
The Cougar is designed with safety in mind. It features a steel nozzle with a five-foot flame-resistant hose and a fireproof three-gallon steel chamber. The patented filter system uses fire-resistant fabric rated up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, and the remaining parts are all made out of thermo-plastics to withstand high temperatures.

NOTE: Never use a household, or shop vacuum to clean a fireplace, because warm embers can be hidden under ash, which acts like an insulator and can keep embers hot for days after you think the fire is out. The combination of swirling air and debris inside a flammable paper bag filter is an extremely dangerous fire hazard.

Filter System Captures the Smallest Airborne Ash Particles
The Cougar features a double filter system that ensures no ash escapes the vacuum. This system leaves your air ash free and makes the process of cleaning your fireplace simple, clean, and healthy.

Each of the system’s filters is designed to trap the finest ash, and the second filter even captures sub-micron particles. This double-filter action effectively traps ash, so your air stays clear.

Clean Filters Without Removing the Lid
Your Cougar’s filters can be cleaned without removing them from the vacuum, eliminating any potential mess. For a quick dust-off, simply remove the brass cap from the lid and jiggle the agitator rod from side to side to shake the filters and make ash particles fall off.

After you have vacuumed up 60 to 80 gallons of ash, your Cougar will be ready for a thorough cleaning. Just detach and vacuum the secondary and primary filters to clean them.

Three-Gallon Canister Requires No Bags
The Cougar Ash Vacuum features a cold-rolled steel canister that will hold up to three gallons of ash. This fireproof canister safely contains your ashes without bags, so you’ll never need to worry about expensive and annoying replacements. Just remove the canister’s lid when it’s time to empty your ashes.

Removes Ash Quickly and Quietly
Thanks to its powerful, six-amp electric motor, the Cougar can suck up ash quickly and easily. What’s more, specially designed motor housing makes operation as quiet as can be. In fact, the Cougar is the cadillac of ash vacuums, operating with 60% less noise than the Dustless Technologies Cheetah II.

To help speed up ash removal, the Cougar’s crimped steel nozzle is designed to quickly pick up ash and leave larger debris behind–for burning at a later time. To use, just place the vacuum nozzle directly on the hearth and swipe it in a circular motion. Ash will flow smoothly through the hose without clogging.

The Dustless Technologies MU405 Cougar Ash Vacuum is backed by a one-year limited warranty for home use.

What’s in the Box
Dustless Technologies MU405 Cougar Ash Vacuum.

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